For years Traders Carnival has sought to educate new and experienced traders about the best new and established trading strategies and techniques. This year’s Traders Carnival at Hyderabad in October 2021 will not only continue that tradition, but also introduce numerous new topics that will help traders gauge, trade, and hedge risk in exciting new areas in the markets.

Whether as an options buyer, options writer, algo based systems, trend following or any genre in the markets, we have seminal practitioners of the craft coming to The Pearl City this October. Spend 3 days with them in a residential format to interact, discuss and brainstorm away all your queries in interactive sessions.

While Traders Carnival  has always been a valuable, must-attend event for serious active traders— We have now modified the format to ease with your learning, answer specific queries and understand at a deeper level how to remain consistently profitable in the markets.    These discussions  offer once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but only for those who can think outside the box instead of confining oneself to  an existing trading strategy or investment philosophy into a unique market environment. Old methods of trading and investing may no longer be applicable, so you need to keep up-to-date to stay consistently profitable. And thats what we at Traders Carnival do.

Hi I am Dharmaraj Janakiram, usually called DJ by friends. A former IT security professional, now trade full time. Love travel, having travelled to 11 countries, and like Oliver, crave for more. A decent Badminton player for over 25 years, loves beer. Live with my family in Bangalore .Started Traders Carnival in 2012 at Bangalore, which was the first residential annual conference for Indian Traders. Invited six successful traders, mostly who trade for a living, to speak at the event. Followed by later years at Pune – 2013, Goa – 2014, Mumbai – 2015& 2017, Bangkok – 2016, 2017 & 2018 Delhi, 2019 – Coimbatore, 2020 Jaipur, And again2019 &2021 Goa .

We have conceptualized for Indian Traders and investors six conferences successfully in the last 6 years in different cities in India and abroad. Starting with the first one at Bangalore on 26th October 2012. 13 other conferences followed at Pune, Goa ($times), Mumbai (thrice), Delhi (Twice), Jaipur, Coimbatore,  and Bangkok, all of which have proven conclusively productive for participants as per feedback received, as also providing them with the ideal platform to meet and bond with traders and investors from different parts of India and abroad.,


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