Anbalagan Veerappan or Anbu as he is called by friends, started off in equities in 1998 and has been a consistently profitable Trader in Cash, FNO on Indexes using his proprietary Visual Trading system.

Anbu has started his Crypto Investment firm Black Candle Investments , LLC in Dubai in 2021 and have kickstarted Crypto Investments.

Anbu is passionate about sharing his methods with his audience, and Goa would be a great time to meet him, spend 6 days, learn from and brainstorm with him, other speakers and trading peers from all over India.

Anbu has traded almost all available coins in the Cryptocurrency space.

And he is looking forward to share his insights, strategies, entries, exits and more with the Traders Carnival audience at Goa this March.

Come, meet him and other stellar traders at Goa over 6 interesting days for an immersive learning, brainstorming and fun experience.

Anbu was a participant at the 2018 Traders Carnival at Mumbai, and First time speaker in Goa 2021 And it is a pleasure and privilege to invite him to Goa as a Speaker this March.

I am positive and hopeful that we may see many more participants at Goa making that transition to being a speaker in the foreseeable future.

Anbu is a man of many parts. A Mechanical Engineer turned Advocate turned Trader. He lives with his family in Chennai. Pets, Gardening and Trekking are some of his hobbies. He tweets here – @anbu

Goa should be fun.