Piyush Chaudhry


Piyush is an avid Technician with an edge on Elliott Waves.  He is further a coder and looks at the charts with the lens of patterns and objectivity. A passionate gymmer and a home food lover, he is all about health and fitness.  Loves training his boys, whether its Cricket or Maths or helping his wife with her business as well, he is a family Man!
You can easily sense a priority of Skills, Passion, Health and Knowledge in his entire family.  That pretty much sums up his entire Universe.

His Trading style is positional in Futures. He has been a consistent generator of >40% per annum keeping the drawdowns contained to 10-15% most of the time. He is also a patient Investor in stocks where he spots technically the ones that can grow 2-3x or even more over a period of time.