Shreyas Bandi


Shreyas bandi is a 29 year old derivatives trader who has been an active market participant since 2017. Over the course of this period he has managed to generate a little over 15x on his starting capital  by turning his initial corpus of Rs 30 lakh into over 5 crore as on date. His style in mostly, but not limited to intraday trading and he believes that his edge comes from his mindset and risk management. His work can be found on his YouTube channel “NiftyBN “

Presentation title - “A Bookmaker’s approach to trading markets “

The talk will cover the following –

  • An introduction to my journey in the markets. my perspective and approach to trading.
  • Psychology, mindset & risk management as an edge.
  • Understanding how and why risk is priced in the manner that it is. Break up of reward and risk from the perspective of probability of outcomes.
  • Mispricing of risk and how to benefit from it.
  • Developing a view and translating the view into a trade (types of trades)
  • Pitfalls that I have undergone over a period and how I cope with them.