Subasish Pani


Subasish Pani, is a  full-time Trader from Bangalore. He worked as software Professional for about 18 months before finding his true calling from the Markets. He opted to trade Futures and selling options, an area where he has set up shop comfortably to such an extent that he traded his account from Rs 10 Lakh to over Rs 5 Crores in less than 6 years. It has, of course, not been roses all the way. He had his share of struggles which he has managed to overcome, and now has managed a large following on his Youtube Channel which has over 650 thousand subscribers for whom he makes high quality educational content about his strategies.

Traders Carnival is pleased to invite Subasish  as a speaker at the Hyderabad Carnival for the first time and look forward to a lot of our offline and online audience benefiting from his studies and presentation.