Thoviti Brahmachary

Thoviti Brahmachary is a renowned Technical Analyst, Television Host, and Financial Journalist with over 25 years of experience in analysing stock markets. He has trained over 5000 traders in India.
He has been associated with HMTV, a regional news channel and many vernacular daily newspapers. He has been closely reporting economic reforms and market forecasts in various newspapers, magazines and electronic media. He has written columns in The Hans India. Currently, he is also associated with Dalal Street Investment journal as a Consultant Analyst.
Currently, he manages the family funds with an association of Wealocity advisors. He holds three Master's degrees in various disciplines - Journalism, Political Science, Business Administration, and a PG Diploma in Financial Management.
Interestingly, Thoviti is again, one of those who has been a prior Traders Carnival Participant during the 2017 Carnival at Mumbai who has now been invited to join the Event as a speaker and present his topic of Competence.