Vishal Mehta


A genial guy one would love to discuss the markets passionately and have a beer with. An excellent rule basedTrader.

Vishal Mehta is a full time independent trader. He is Chartered Market Technician (CMT) from USA and Co-Chair for India Chapter for CMT.
-He started as discretionary trader but seeing the benefit slowly moved to systematic rule based trading.
Vishal, has worked with all the leading financial services provider in Indian and globally likes of Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Spider Software and Reliable Software & Financial Technologies.
-He also achieved a unique feat of training on Technical Analysis major central banks in South Asia likes of Sri-Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and India.
He was featured on Moneycontrol where he shared his journey as trader. His video presentation on Directional Option Selling Strategy has beens viewed by over half a million people.
-He has won the 30 Day Challenge by one of the brokers 7 months in a row using his trading strategies
- He has been featured in CNBC Awaz, , CNBC Gujarati and other media where he has shared his market outlook